Dance to the rhytm

ballroom & latin american dances


Private dance lessons

Professional dance lessons focused on technique, footwork and character of the dance (standard & latin).

Group dance lessons

Weekly group lessons in The Hague.

Wedding dance lessons

The popular trend at the wedding is a dance number of bride and groom. The show number can be tailored from start to finish.


I am available for dance show projects.

Dancing with the Stars Finland
Daniel was competing with TV-host Sikke Sumari
Daniel and Sikke shared also the same passion for cooking.
Latin American dances since 1991
Daniel had longest partnership with Elina Kyrölä. They were member of Finnish National Team.
Skaters, models, dance schools...
Daniel has been teaching and supporting, among others, skaters and models to achieve their goals.
Mic Drop
Daniel has also hosted numerous events and classes.
Professional dancer
Over 20 years professional career as a show dancer.
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My Dance:

I have dedicated 20 years to competition dance, specializing in Ballroom and Latin American styles. Notably, I represented Finland in the national team from 1998 to 2000 and even participated as a coach on the Finnish edition of Dancing with the Stars in 2008. My main focus is in correct footwork, body movements and expressing your dance to authentic music while embracing the true character of the dance.

I have drawn lessons from the following teachers:

Jukka Haapalainen, Sirpa Suutari-Jääskö, Michael Stylianos, Lorraine Rohdin, Göran Nordin, Stephen Hillier, Fabio Selmi, Simona Fancello, Juha “Leevi” Leskinen, Harri Antikainen, Niina Antikainen, Markku Siltala, Virpi Kainulainen and Jussi Väänänen.

These educators, along with many others, have significantly influenced my journey and professional growth. Their guidance, knowledge, and mentorship have shaped my perspectives and equipped me with the necessary tools to excel in my dance field.

Showdance productions:
2007 Silja Europa, Finland 12 Points! Divet Show by Marko Vainio
2009 Silja Europa, Divet Show by Marko Vainio
2010 Silja Serenade, Divet Show by Marko Vainio
2011 Silja Europa, Live on Stage, Divet Show by Marko Vainio
2012 Silja Serenade, Gaga, Cher & I, Divet Show by Marko Vainio
2012, Silja Serenade, Queen of the Sea, Divet Show by Marko Vainio
2013 Baltic Princess, Lailasta Lordiin, Divet Show by Marko Vainio
2022 Silja Serenade, Pop Icons of the Sea, Divet Show by Marko Vainio
2023 Silja Serenade, Dance Floor Divas, Divet Show by Marko Vainio
2023 Tampereen Työväen Teatteri, Divet Show by Marko Vainio
2023 Utrecht Pride, Divet Show by Marko Vainio
2023 Viking Grace, Diivat Merellä, Divet Show by Marko Vainio
2024 Silja Serenade, Divet Show
2024 Viking Grace, Divet Show


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